Long Term Care Budget Campaign

Members of Local 4606 have been working hard at trying to get our government to reverse the budget cuts to long term care homes across our province. These cuts have greatly affected the residents that we care for and our members we work with. Keep up the good work. If you’d like to get involved contact Jessica Smith @ Jessica.dauphinee@me.com. Please also sign our online petition at unifor.org/ltc


Unifor Women’s Conference 2016

Four sisters from our local just spent the last weekend in Port Elgin at Unifor’s Education Centre participating in the Unifor Women’s Conference 2016. They learned new skills and heard all about campaigns across the country to help bring women’s issues to the forefront. Come to our next general meeting, which will be Tuesday September 6th at 730pm, to hear more about what our sisters learned. Together we can achieve true equality. Sisterhood Strong!

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Sister Christina Ashe at Unifor National Council in Vancouver

Sister Christina Ashe at Unifor National Council in Vancouver

Our Local sent Delegates to the Unifor National Council in Vancouver, B.C last month. Our local Vice President, Sister Christina Ashe, got up to the microphone to speak. Sister Ashe reported “I thanked our National President Jerry Dias and Secretary Treasurer Peter Kennedy on having the vision to send 7 UWOC (United Workers of Colour) from across Canada to Mississippi to participate in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders. The Freedom Riders were civil rights activists of all colours ethnicity and occupations who rode interstates buses into the segregated southern states to challenge the law of segregation ex: public buses, restaurants, and the right to vote for black people.”